Contemporary Art in Latin America. | 2 de nov., 6:30 p. m. GMT – 7 de dic., 8:30 p. m. GMT Online Course


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  • 1 hora 30 minutos

    Performative practices: why women artists employed performance to express resistance.

  • 2 horas

    Building a new model: Neo-avant gardes from the mid 1960s

  • 2 horas

    Consolidating Cultural Infrastructure. Sao Paulo and Habana Biennales.

  • 2 horas

    Towards internationalisation: the impact of globalisation in Latin American art.

  • 2 horas

    AI & new media: new practices in Latin American art.

  • 2 horas 30 minutos

    Reconsidering History: the Latin American perspective on postcolonial studies, new expressionism and postmodernism.