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Watch a Free Art History class on Tarsila do Amaral

Learn the story of how this incredible female artist created one of the most internationally acclaimed art movements from Latin America. 

Learn about Brazilian modernism:

Tarsila do Amaral was a key figure in the Brazilian modernist movement, which had a profound influence on Brazilian art, literature, and culture. By learning about her work, you can gain a deeper understanding of the cultural revolution she started at the beginning of the 20th century.


Gain insight into Tarsila's life:

Tarsila do Amaral had a fascinating life, filled with personal struggles and artistic triumphs. This class will give you an insight into her life and experiences, and help you understand the context in which her art was created.


Appreciate Tarsila's lasting impact:

Tarsila do Amaral's work continues to be celebrated and admired today, both in Brazil and around the world. By studying her art, you can appreciate the lasting impact she has had on Brazilian culture and the global art world more broadly.

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Enroll in the free class on Tarsila do Amaral

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